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The ecology

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Open Society " ТИИР " specializes on development and modernization of new kinds of products of frictional purpose(assignment), sealing and прокладочных materials, perfection of technology and the equipment for release of these products regarding reduction of harmful influence by an environment.
One of the basic directions in work of the enterprise - constant improvement and the prevention(warning) of negative influence on a condition of an environment according to social - ecological requirements.
In 2004 at the enterprise it is introduced, certificated and successfully the system of ecological management (СЭМ) functions.
In March, 2007 the Association on certification « the Russian Register » leads(carries out) ресертификационная check СЭМ Open Society " ТИИР ". During check it is established, that the system of management is supported in operation, develops with a principle of constant improvement, is productive and corresponds(meets) to requirements ISО 14001:2004 (the certificate
¹ 07.376.026 from July, 3 2007).
At the enterprise high technologies of clearing of gas emissions are applied, technologies with use of waste products of own manufacture take root new безасбестовые "know-how" of frictional products, and also, powder coverings, which application are used not only reduces the price of production, but also reduces allocation of solvents in an environment, works on decrease(reduction) шумового influences on nearby by a vein area are carried out(spent), the constant control over a condition of atmospheric air is carried out.
Practically all process equipment of firm is equipped highly effective пылегазоулавливающими with installations: application of methods низкотемпературного каталитического дожига (installation "Катокс"), адсорбционной and biological clearing of gases in the installations modernized with reference to processes of the enterprise allows to reach(achieve) a degree of clearing 95÷99 %. Clearing of storm drains of the enterprise is carried out on installation "Cascade".
With the purpose of decrease(reduction) in noise levels from external sources from roofs of the enterprise all fans are removed(cleaned), branch pipes of emissions are equipped with mufflers, вентагрегаты are placed in soundproofing chambers.
According to annual « the Plan of measures on preservation of the environment and rational use of natural resources », the confirmed general director of Open Society " ТИИР ", at the enterprise systematically carries out(systematically spends) reduction of polluting substances in atmospheric air, dumps with storm waters and increase in use of technological waste products in own manufacture.
The working group of Open Society " ТИИР " annually carries out(annually spends) the analysis of the possible(probable) emergencies influencing an environment, and decrease(reduction) in risk of their occurrence: the parameter of risk is characterized as пренебрежимо small risk.
On results of 2006 the enterprise of Open Society " ТИИР " is recognized as the winner of competition « 100 best organizations of Russia. Ecology and ecological management ».
Effective functioning of system of ecological management - business of each worker of the enterprise.


    150048, Russia, Yaroslavl, the Moscow prospectus, 149
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