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The history of the company

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Our company has been organized in 1946 year in Yaroslavl as ЦНИЛАС (the central research laboratory of asbestine products). In 1958 year ЦНИЛАС it has been reorganized in ВНИИАТИ (all-Union research and a конструкторско-institute of technology of asbestine technical products). ВНИИАТИ was unique in former Soviet Union the research organization developing various technical products on the basis of asbestos and introducing them in manufacture at working factories. In September, 2006 to us 60 years were executed.

In the beginning of 90th years of the last century reorganization, and then and liquidation of the branch ministries and departments began, and the branch research organizations have remained without the centralized state financing. Since this moment our company has been compelled to plan itself own works and their realization in the industry. Was accepted decision on the basis of pilot production to start the stage-by-stage organization and development of industrial production of frictional products.

In 1992 year the decision on privatization of institute belonging to the state was accepted and to 1993-му to year the enterprise has been privatized, the scientific research institute has been transformed into open joint-stock company « Heat-resistant products and engineering development » (ТИИР). Now 100 % of actions(shares) of Open Society " ТИИР " belong to physical persons. Since 1992 year of Open Society " ТИИР " constantly increased volumes of manufacture of frictional products.

Growth of volumes of manufacture (in physical expression) is shown in figure.

Number of workers of the enterprise simultaneously grew. Now the factory works in 3 changes, 5 days in a week. Monthly we let out(release) about 3 million pieces of various frictional products: overlays of disk and drum-type brakes automobile and lorries, overlays of coupling of a wide spectrum (up to Ø 430 mm), and also various frictional products for mechanical engineering

Decrease(Reduction) in number in 2005 and 2006 is consequence(investigation) of spent actions on decrease(reduction) in the cost price of production and increase of labour productivity.


    150048, Russia, Yaroslavl, the Moscow prospectus, 149
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