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serious Enough step was for us full refusal in April, 2004 from manufacture of frictional products with use of asbestos. Nevertheless due to duly change of structure of selling in 2004 the total amount of sales not only has not fallen, but even has a little increased.

Volume of manufacture of a commodity output

Structure of sales (rice). Makes: 65 % - delivery to conveyors and 35 % - on the secondary market.

the Sales volume of 2005 - 2006

In Open Society " ТИИР " the system of a quality management is certificated on conformity to requirements ИСО 9001:2000 in December 2001г. (ресертифицирована in December 2004г.), ИСО/THAT 16949:2002 in December 2006г. Certificates of conformity are given by the German society of certification of control systems DQS.

At the enterprise the system of ecological management on conformity to requirements ИСО 14001:1996 in July 2004г., ИСО 14001:2004 in July 2005г is certificated by Association on certification « the Russian Register ». Our company has own research center which is engaged in development and statement on manufacture of new production.

The research center began to use in the work modern methods of researches, including tests for definition of compressibility (the equipment of firm Honeywell Bremsbelag GmbH).

Динамометрические tests in natural units (the new stand of firm " Scenck ")

Morphological research (fingerprinting) critical kinds of raw material with use of an electronic microscope. Control sample for definition of morphology of alumina (pictures are made on raster electronic microscope LEO-430SEM)

The basic directions of modernization of manufacture are reduced first of all to automation of the control of parameters of technological process. Today supervise practically all parameters: a capture навесок, modes of manufacturing of mixes, formations, heat treatments, and so on. All parameters are deduced on a personal computer to the operator

On corresponding industrial sites, with the control навесок on the electronic weights having an output(exit) on a personal computer, растарка raw material it is carried out in an automatic mode.

Further manufacturing forming mixes in the amalgamator плужного such as "Ледиге"

is made

On metal skeletons glue by the specialized machine for drawing glue on skeletons and antinoise mastic on brake колодки

is rendered

Колодки a disk brake are formed on "high-speed" прессах with effort of 160 tons

On прессах are established 2-гнездные the compression moulds equipped with induction heating

After warm or hot formation of an overlay subject to thermal processing in furnaces

Before thermal processing of an overlay load into special clamps

Термообработанные details grind till the necessary size on thickness on двухшпиндельных grinding machine tools

After polishing (if necessary, overlays are exposed термоудару) overlays on the automatic transfer line move on a site of drawing of mastic or on equipment by antinoise plates

On a detail the protective powder covering on the automatic transfer line of painting of firm " Unitec " (U.K.)

is rendered

The painted details at once move on marks which is carried out on jet printer " Linx " (U.K.)

If necessary on a detail springs on the special machine tool of firm are established D. Friedrich GmbH and Co. KG. In the near future it is planned to finish study of questions on purchase of the equipment for manufacturing скосов and дробеструйной processings of skeletons



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